Where does the ship depart from?
We are located at Kewalo Basin Harbor, approximately one mile west of Waikiki.

Is transportation available?
Yes, for a nominal fee, we can pick you up and drop you off at one of several locations in Waikiki. This can be added to your booking in the reservation system.

Is there parking available?
Yes, there are limited paid parking spaces, so it is very important that you arrive early. Parking is $1/hr, cash only.

Is there a bathroom aboard the ship?
Yes, but we sailor’s refer to it as the “head”.
We strongly recommend that you use the land based facilities prior to boarding the ship.

Can we purchase pirate hats on-board the ship?
You bet! Ranging from simple to more elaborate hats.

What about eye patches and other gear?
Eye patches, swords, bandanas, shirts, and other piratical accessories are all available on-board.

Will we actually find treasure?
Aye… that is what being a pirate is all about!

Will we get wet?
Anytime you are on the ocean there is a chance that you may get wet, but on this ship it is a slight chance.

How long does the adventure last?
Cruises are 1.5 hours long unless otherwise noted.

How many passengers can come along?
The ship holds up to 47 passengers.

Can we bring our own camera?
Sure! You’ll want to treasure the memories of Honolulu’s world famous views, and if you’re lucky, you may even get to see the occasional dolphin or whale. We are not responsible for loss or damage to your camera, so bring at your own risk.

Do we have to participate in the action or can we just watch?
It’s your choice. You can just sit back and enjoy the fresh, ocean air or join in on the fun and games. However, if you’re thinking of purchasing our photo package for our Lost Treasure Excursion, the more you participate, the more photos you’ll be in.

Is there an age limit?
No. All pirates are welcome. It may not be as comfortable as his recliner but even Grandpa will enjoy a Pirate Ship Adventure in the Pacific Ocean.

Will we get sea sick?
Not likely. Our cruises take place in calm waters off Waikiki, or in the protected waters of Honolulu Harbor, so chances are slim that you would take ill. If you are subject to motion sickness, then taking some preemptive actions may be a good idea. (check with your physician)

Is the adventure safe?
Yes! Safety is our number one concern at Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures.

Are there food and drinks available aboard the ship?
Some of our cruises include either a sandwich bar or a hot buffet, so please check the details for your particular cruise. We also have a stock of snacks and drinks available for purchase in the ship’s galley.

Do we need a reservation?
Voyages do sell out, so to guarantee your spot(s) we recommend that you make reservations in advance.

How early must we arrive?
No later than 30 minutes prior to your voyages scheduled departure time. (Example: for a 1:00pm voyage we ask that you arrive no later than 12:30pm)

What if we arrive late?
We run a tight schedule and cannot return to the dock to pick up late passengers, so make sure to allow plenty of time to park and prepare. Don’t take a chance of being left behind, as we offer no refunds if you miss the boat.

How should we prepare and what should we bring?
That depends on the weather. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing and bring some sunscreen. Any footwear is fine, except for high heels. Dressing in pirate garb is not compulsory, but it is fun! Keep in mind that you may only bring your own alcoholic beverages onto the ship if the cruise is specifically listed as BYOB.